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Progressive Hardscapes Pervious Concrete Scottsdale

North Scottsdale Park and Ride - a net-zero project that is a leading example of sustainability. This project transformed a vacant lot, once considered an eyesore, into a site that has beautiful form and functionality for transit passengers and provides a park-like destination for visitors from nearby businesses and residences. The use of 119,937 SF of Pervious concrete on this project makes a statement that local government can do their part to address the environmental issues facing us and demonstrate how concrete can be used to promote sustainability. Pervious concrete was selected as a major component to address sustainability.  The concrete works to address issues such as storm water management, helps to recharge ground water aquifers, mitigate heat-island effect due to its low thermal mass which cools off much quicker at night than other pavements, allows plants on the site to thrive, and saves money over the length of the project as it does not need to be resurfaced.  The concrete, along with other environmentally friendly components, work to attract riders to this net-zero facility and encourage the use of the bus, thereby reducing pollution and congestion. This project is open to the public. It is located at the southeast corner of Scottsdale and Thunderbird Roads. If you want to see a quality Progressive Hardscapes DrainScape project we encourage you to check it out. 


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