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DrainScape pervious concrete is a durable concrete pavement with a large volume (approx. 20%) of interconnected voids. Like conventional concrete, it is made from a mixture of cement, coarse aggregates, and water. However, it contains little or no sand, which results in a porous open-cell structure that allows water to drain through it quickly. 

When pervious concrete is used for paving, it can take in storm water at a rate of several hundred or more inches of water per square foot per hour, which far exceeds the flow rate needed to prevent runoff in even the most severe rain events.

In slow draining soils, rainwater is temporarily stored in a coarse gravel layer with (approx. 40%) voids underneath the pavement while it is allowed to naturally percolate slowly into the underlying soil, recharging our aquifers. Because the pavement and base layer act as a detention area to capture and infiltrate water, it can completely prevent the polluted site runoff that normally occurs with impervious pavements. Properly designed the pervious concrete system can reduce the cost of the conventional storm water infrastructure and reduce retention basins or bio-swales. This allows the developer to increase revenue by utilizing more of the site.

Pervious concrete pavement systems are fully recognized as an EPA Storm water BMP. As the water percolates through the open cells of the pavement and crushed rock base layer aerobic bacteria in the voids help to break down harmful pollutants and chemicals.

Progressive Hardscapes has installed over 550,000 SF of DrainScape pervious concrete. We have NRMCA craftsmen in addition to NRMCA installers which are very experienced placing pervious concrete in the hot arid Arizona climate. What makes DrainScape different than standard pervious concrete is the experience and training of our crews, along with the additional procedures we use during the placement of Drainscape pervious concrete. In addition to this we have worked on the refinement of our concrete mix designs and all of our concrete mixes are tested for durability and infiltration rates.  

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